Every Adventure Begins with a Bowl of Porridge - Nacho's Story

We say every adventure begins with a bowl of porridge - and that’s no different for our mountain-loving, four-legged friend here, Nacho. 

His life began on a South Korean dog meat farm, now he's enjoying a warm bowl of porridge on the top of a Scottish mountain summit. This is Nacho's story.

Each morning, Nacho the Korean Jindo, wakes up, has breakfast and then sits patiently watching his dad, Tristan, make his own porridge, hoping that he’ll share some or at least drop a spoonful on the floor, before the two best buddies embark on one of their epic mountain adventures together. Seems like the perfect life for a dog but Nacho wasn’t always this lucky. Here, powered by porridge mountaineer Tristan Harper, tells Nacho’s story and how this cute little guy went from a life in South Korea’s dog meat trade to running free all over the Scottish hills. 

“Nacho loves going on mountain adventures and taking moments to himself where he stands and embraces the views. Present day, Nacho is a fun, adventurous dog who roams the mountains with me, full of confidence, mischievous at the best of times and extremely loving, with not a single bad bone in his body. On the other hand, if he had not had been rescued - and I say this as truthfully as possible - he would most likely be on someone’s dinner plate getting eaten, or as a soup. 

Nacho comes all the way from South Korea, where he was saved from the dog meat trade by a lovely lady called Nami Kim, who tries her best to rescue as many dogs as she can for her charity called “Save Korean Dogs”.

I saw this video online that Nami Kim had recorded on her phone of dogs that were up for adoption and in theback of this particular video there was a dog curled up in a ball hiding in a car tyre peeking its head up as if trying not to be seen. I asked Nami Kim for more information on the dog that was curled up in a ball and one other dog. She sent a few images of both but there was this one image of Nacho against the kennel fence with his beautiful big eyes that caught my attention. l instantly felt a connection to Nacho, l felt his presence and soul via the image, which was a first for me. It was an easy decision to make the final commitment to Nacho. 

I confirmed the adoption with Nami Kim then arranged a quarantine and a flight for Nacho to come from South Korea to Scotland via Heathrow airport. The first time l saw Nacho he was brought out in a crate at Heathrow Animal Centre, after spending many hours travelling. He was absolutely terrified, and no wonder considering what he had gone through. It took him a few hours to eventually build the courage to step out of his crate, even with me tempting him with lots of delicious treats l had brought. 

Eventually, after about 5 hours, at 3 am in the morning, he ventured out. I tried to give him cuddles but he was extremely traumatised not having a clue what was happening. I gently put him into my car and we started the long drive north to Scotland. 

It’s not an easy task adopting a dog. Like Nacho, the animal can be extremely traumatised but I would absolutely recommend it. A lot of time and patience is needed in order to build trust and the relationship you are hoping for. There are many animals that need rescuing throughout the world, so it’s important to support these causes when so many are in need of love, care and a home.

I am extremely blessed to have Nacho, not just because he is a great companion, but because he has also taught me a great deal about life.”
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