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New dad, Olympic athlete and GB hockey player, Henry Weir lives a pretty busy lifestyle. To get him through each day of his intense week, which usually includes 30 hours of physical training as well as psychology and nutrition training, Henry relies heavily on his nutrition. In his own words, "It's huge". Find out more about this porridge powered athlete and why 3Bears has become his fuel of choice.



Henry Weir



Olympic athlete, GB Hockey player.

Playing hockey for 22 years and contracted for the GB team in April 2013. 


Key achievements:

2 x Commonwealth games bronze medal

1 x European Champs bronze medal

Olympics 2016

2 x English Premier League champion


What does an average training week look like for you?

On average, I train around 30 hours per week.

Physical training sessions include hockey sessions, gym sessions such as strength, running sessions including cardio, speed and agility and physiotherapy. 

As well as physical training, my week is made up of many other training sessions, such as team and individual performance analysis, psychology, nutrition, competition logistics and calendar planning.

As a professional athlete, I’m always travelling and on the go. The calendar is varied but at peak we can be playing a club match each weekend and traveling to play an international match once a week. Each year, we also have one longer trip for a competition 3 times a year for 2-3 weeks.   


What role does nutrition play in your athletic career?

It’s huge. I need to fuel well or I won’t get through the day, recover well, adapt and get better. It’s still a neglected part of most amateur sports. Once all the prep is done, on game day getting your nutrition right is the most important box to tick.


Do you follow a special nutrition plan?

Yes. I have a nutritionist who calculates my Marco nutrient requirements for each day depending on my training load. I then have to make sure I consume the right amounts and make sure it’s from natural healthy ingredients – that’s why natural foods like 3Bears is ideal.


Describe what you eat on an average training day:

 AM: 3Bears porridge oats with fruit and yoghurt

Snack: Protein and fruit smoothie


Midday: Usually a dish like couscous, chicken and vegetables.

Snack: Banana 


PM: Pasta bolognese 

Snack: Peanut butter on toast


Why is porridge good for an athlete like you?

It’s a natural, healthy and energy-loaded breakfast. It’s a slow release carbohydrate keeping me fuelled for longer in the day. 

3Bears is the ideal option because I fall in to the bad habit of eating to fuel rather than eating to enjoy. With 3Bears both are possible and easy. Instead of my bland porridge in the morning I get a really tasty breakfast I can make very quickly with great nutritional content. 


Favourite 3Bears flavour?

Banana and poppyseed.


Favourite porridge breakfast recipe?

Overnight oats:

3Bears finest cocoa, chocolate protein powder, blueberries, banana, milk. 

Quick to prep and amazing in the morning before a training session or match.


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