Powered by Porridge - Luke and Tom Stoltman, the World's Strongest Brothers

If you think porridge is just for endurance athletes, think again. Powered by 3Bears Porridge athletes, Luke and Tom Stoltman, are officially the World’s strongest brothers. An average day for these Scottish giants consists of lifting incredibly heavy objects, breaking world records, taking ice-cold baths, and eating copious amounts of 3Bears porridge (video below).

Luke and Tom are true highlanders, coming from a small town in the north east of Scotland. Between them, they hold two current world records, have been crowned Scotland’s Strongest man a whopping seven times (Luke five times and Tom twice) and have both reached the finals of the World’s Strongest Man. Just looking at these guys you become fascinated by what it must take to reach this level of strength. We caught up with them to find out.


Name:Luke Stoltman

Profession:Strongman and gym owner

Key achievements in your career: 5 times Scotland’s strongest man. First brothers in history to make the final of world’s strongest man

Weightlifting Stats:228.5kg log press, 380kg squat, 405kg deadlift.

Name: Tom Stoltman

Profession:Pro Strongman

Key achievements in your career:Scotland’s strongest man x2, WSM finalist, one half of the worlds strongest brothers

Weightlifting Stats:340kg x4 squat, 250 bench, 210kg log press, 286kg atlas stone

Can you describe the sport of “Strongman”?

Luke: Strongman is a sport where you have to push the physical boundaries of the human body. Pulling planes, carrying spine crushing weight on your back. It is being able to carry/lift these weights while being in extreme pain. The most alpha title in the world is being the strongest man on the planet.

How did you guys get into this?

Tom:Through my big brother Luke.  I watched him compete, lifting cars etc. From that point onwards I was like this looks cool and I want to push my body to the limits and lift cool objects. 

Luke: I have trained since I was 16. Was more into bodybuilding. I then met a good friend of mine who convinced me to try strongman when I was 27 and the rest is history.

Can you describe yourself as an athlete?

Luke:I am a very focused athlete. Mentally, I am very strong. I can switch on and switch off at the flick of a switch. I hold myself accountable for everything I do. I never like to make excuses for why I don’t perform to my full potential.

Tom:I thrive off the crowd and can switch on and off when I need to.  I have learnt to use the crowd as extra drive and I have learnt to put bad events to the back of my mind.  I am the best stone lifter to ever walk this planet and this is my best and favourite event.


What is it that you enjoy about it? What drives you? 

Luke:Progression. Being able to see the progression I am making drives me to improve and push myself every day.

Tom:I enjoy everything about strongman. The challenges, the eating and the training. Becoming the World’s Strongest Man drives me every hour of every day.

Can you describe an average training week or day?

Luke & Tom:We train five days a week and we have an active recovery day. We have three sessions of physio a week to help us recover. We also do hot and cold water therapy which helps us recover. Our training sessions last around two hours during the week and four hours on the weekend. We mainly focus on strength but we do cardio and mobility work on our active recovery day

What role does nutrition play in your career as an athlete?

Tom:Nutrition is massive. Since I have worked with a nutritionist, I have broken three world records and feel stronger than ever.  For me nutrition is more than half of what it takes to become the best. My nutrition needs to fuel my gym sessions. So getting the carbs in on my pre gym meal.


Luke: We try to manipulate our food intake to improve performance and time it just right to eat to give us the most energy during training. When it comes to nutrition, the most important thing for us is good quality calories. Good quality carbs and protein. Also keeping my sugar content to a minimum unless required to spike insulin levels.


What does your daily nutrition look like?

Luke:We eat six times a day, around 8000 calories. 

Tom:My daily nutrition includes things like 10 eggs and 100g porridge for breakfast, 340g steak burger and 200g veg for lunch, 340g steak with 200g veg for dinner and then I’ll have foods like 500g yoghurt and a punnet of strawberries for a snack, and protein shakes.

Why is porridge good for an athlete like you?

Luke:Porridge is something I have eaten throughout my life and even more so as an athlete.

It is a great clean carb source and it is great to keep my energy levels to a maximum throughout the day and training! 3Bears porridge is great as it has a great range of flavours. For me, I love the fact it tastes nice cold or hot. Other porridges I have had don’t taste the best when it gets cold. Being on the move a lot I make my food in the morning and often eat it cold so the fact it’s nice when cold is a huge bonus!

Tom:Porridge is a great carb source for me and keeps me fueled for longer. I love the banana flavour 3Bears porridge.  I eat it all within 5 mins and I usually struggle with normal oats.  So enjoyable to eat.

Good luck to Luke and Tom as they prepare for their next Strongman World Championship and don't forget to subscribe to their Youtube Channel for a lot of insights but even more laughs!

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