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In recent years, Porridge has been rediscovered and has become a healthy trend breakfast. You can enjoy Porridge vegan, it is perfect for a conscious, low calorie diet and wonderfully versatile. Best of all, porridge with the main ingredient oatmeal is low-sugar, low-fat and provides you with complex carbohydrates, vegetable protein and fibre without being heavy on the stomach. A full breakfast, then - for people who have little time and want the right energy in the morning. This is the recipe for success of the breakfast classic today.

And of course you can enrich your porridge with an endless selection of toppings, e.g. nuts, various fruits, honey, curd, almond paste and much more!

For true porridge fans, we have collected our best recipes of delicious and wholesome porridge bowls here. Let yourself be inspired by the variety. Whether sweet or savoury - there's something for every breakfast drink here!

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 1. An aromatic dream: Chocolate Chai Porridge

How about this fabulous chocolate chai porridge from blogger Yonca? One spoon tastes like the Arabian Nights. 

2. Pear porridge with roasted nuts

Roasted pears, crunchy pollen, luxurious chocolate and fragrant hazelnuts - this recipe really makes us yearn! Our Kerniger Classic is just right for such recipes - with endless possibilities zum Kombinieren.

3. Chocolate porridge with an orange kick

Finally the time has come: fine chocolate is here! With deliciously crunchy cocoa nibs and the natural sweetness of dried dates, this new variety tastes wonderfully sweet and creamy. And of course, our co-founder Caroline has created a fabulous recipe for it. As always without added sugar and still so chocolaty sweet!


4. Greek style porridge

Conjure up a bit of Greek freshness on the breakfast table with this porridge, which you simply prepare in the pot or microwave and then add toppings to create a Greek taste experience!

5. Berries Porridge full of vitamins

Make yourself #bearstrong! Do something good for yourself and spoil yourself with the vitamin-rich fruit porridge of our guest blogger oneslicemore. This can also be prepared wonderfully with the Thermomix.


6. Summer Porridge Bowl with Frozen Berries


Sweet and sour berries harmonize wonderfully with the natural oat aroma of our Kerniger Classic. They are also a real energy booster in the morning and perfect for a full breakfast without added sugar.

7. Fruity Proats Porridge Bowl

For a great start to the day, you can easily prepare 3Bears Porridge Fruity Coconut in a pot or microwave. You can also create your own high-protein berry quark. That sounds fabulous!


8. Vegan Curcuma Porridge – better than Golden Milk

3Bears Kerniger Classic can be combined wonderfully with coconut milk. Whether in a pot or in the microwave, you will have created an aromatic magic of taste in no time at all. Here we take you to far eastern worlds...


9. Summer Vitamin-Porridge

This Bowl is just bubbling with colour, texture and flavour! Crunchy fruit, crunchy nuts and the creamy porridge make this recipe a low-calorie, healthy and delicious breakfast. The vitamins of the fresh fruit, plus the valuable nutrients of the "Superfood" oats, provide a good energy boost in the morning


10. Vegan coconut porridge with figs and apricot compote

Whether sun or rain, we always like fruity colours in the porridge bowl!

11. Bavarian apple strudel porridge recipe

Crispy roasted almonds, fruity apple, fragrant cinnamon and a vanilla sauce to melt away. But just try for yourself...

You can find this recipe and many more in our brand new 3Bears recipe book!


12. Hearty Porridge: Spicy Avocado Porridge Bowl

Here at 3Bears we love our fruit, but you really can't underestimate our pithy classic. Especially in the carnival season it can dress up incredibly well - for example as a hearty avocado porridge. Juicy mushrooms, fresh basil and a ripe avocado to go with it - it couldn't be better!


Every adventure begins with a bowl of porridge. Share your adventures with us using #PorridgeStories and tagging @3Bears_uk. Gobble up and go get em.

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