Our favourite recipes without added sugar

Chocolate, ice cream, fruit gums, biscuits... sugar is omnipresent and has always been part of our diet. It not only sweetens many dishes, but also serves as essential nerve food from time to time.

But it is not only about sweet happiness: sugar in large quantities and especially in its industrial form as refined sugar is not good for us. The studies that consider sugar to be critical and blame it for a variety of health problems are becoming more and more numerous. In addition to the actual sweets, a great many come across as "hidden sugar bombs": dressings, dips, rolls, ready meals and much more often contain much more refined sugar than we consumers are aware of. And so it happens that many of us eat significantly more sugar than we should - and want to!

Low Sugar – How does that work?

More and more health-conscious people are trying to declare war on sugar. They almost completely eliminate it from their diet and often report that they feel less listless and more active. This usually involves avoiding crystal sugar (white, industrially produced sugar) and switching to other, more natural "sweeteners", as well as preparing hearty meals freshly to avoid sugar traps.

Natural sweetening alternatives are: honey, agave syrup, fresh fruit - but also dried fruit. Dried fruits not only sweeten great, but are also a great source of fibre!

If you want to eat sugar-free in your everyday life, it takes a little more time and preparation. Inform yourself, read the lists of ingredients in the supermarket very carefully!

And prepare your meals more yourself. You can also make great snacks with our 3Bears Porridge varieties and it goes without saying that all our varieties are completely sugar-free.

Here we have collected our best recipes without added sugar - from porridge to snacks and healthy baking recipes.

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1. Vegan Banana Bread with no added sugar

Veganes Bananenbrot

This delicious bread is completely vegan, without simple carbohydrates or refined sugar. The use of natural sweeteners (bananas and dates) shows us once again how easy and delicious a balanced diet can be.st natürlich vegan, ohne einfache Kohlenhydrate oder raffinierten Zucker. Die Verwendung von natürlichen Süßungsmitteln (Bananen und Datteln) zeigt uns mal wieder, wie einfach und lecker eine ausgewogene Ernährung sein kann.


2. Healthy quinoa berry bars


Just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a break! For this we have the perfect snack for you! Whether in the office, at university or on your next outdoor tour, this fruity and nutty muesli bar is perfect for your break. With the numerous seeds and kernels you will be full for a long time and enjoy a delicious snack. 3Bears Porridge  with Cranberries and Currants tastes so deliciously fruity!


3. Baked Oatmeal – the trend from the USA 

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal – baked oatmeal. It tastes at least as good as it looks and is completely vegan and without industrial sugar! You can use any of the 3Bears porridge varieties as a starting point - but to make it really aromatic, we recommend the apple-cinnamon porridge.


 4. Green Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

With little sugar - but with many good and important nutrients and our fabulous Poppy Banana. Sounds good? Then this smoothie is #justrightforyou! And the best thing about it: In just 5 minutes you can conjure up this real wake-up call.


 5. Tripple Berry Vitamin-Porridge

Dreierlei Beere Porridge

Make yourself #bear strong! Do something good for yourself and spoil yourself with the vitamin-rich fruit porridge of our guest blogger oneslicemore. This can also be prepared wonderfully with the Thermomix.


6. Chocolate-Proats with fresh Strawberries 

Schoko Proats

Overnight Oats are not only great to save time in the morning, but also super delicious and will fill you up for a long time, as the oat flakes swell. Aren't chocolate porridge and strawberries just made for each other? The proof is provided by our strawberry chocolate proats with our fabulously delicious variety fine chocolate


7. Vegan Tiramisu Overnight Oats with Chocolate-Almond-Crunch

Tiramisu Overnight Oats

Who says you can't eat tiramisu for breakfast? Our guest blogger Sonja has conjured up a recipe for a healthy alternative to the Italian dessert classic with our fabulously delicious variety of fine chocolate. This breakfast is guaranteed to give you an energetic, chocolaty start to your day.



8. Oat muesli bar with poppy seed banana


Whether as refreshment for on the way or for the small bear hunger, these muesli bars are full-fledged and above all delicious! With this recipe you can easily create the ideal bar yourself from hearty oat flakes, refreshing fruits and good honey. A completely natural muesli bar without industrial sugar with delicious 3Bears Porridge.


 9. Summer Porridge Bowl with Frozen Berriesmit Frozen Berries


Sweet and sour berries harmonize wonderfully with the natural oat aroma of our pithy classic. They are also a real energy booster in the morning and perfect for a full breakfast without added sugar.




10. Overnight Oats with yoghurt and fresh berries

Overnight Oats

Just right for a perfect start to the day. With the 3Bears Porridge Triple Berry, your breakfast can be transformed into a #bear-strong overnight oats with fruity berries.


11. Spicy pumpkin Granola

Kürbis Granola

3Bears Porridge you can also enjoy spicy with this recipe. A fabulously aromatic creation from different ingredients, which quickly turns into a spicy pumpkin crunch in the oven. Snacking with a clear conscience is twice as much fun!


12. Fruity Energy Balls without added sugar 

Energy Balls

Are you looking for the right snack for in-between, which is not just sugar and fat? Then our enchanting Porridge Energy Balls are just right!


13. Enchanting apple cinnamon granola - crunchy muesli without added sugar!

Apfel Zimt Granola

Granola can be conjured up from all 3Bears Porridge varieties in no time at all. All you need is some coconut or linseed oil, agave syrup, chopped nuts of your choice and an oven. And as if by magic, our porridge mixes turn into healthy crunchy fun!


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Our co-founder and freshly baked mum Caroline loves to try out new recipes and that without having a too bad conscience about the calories in the end. That's why she has collected the 13 best sugar-free recipes for you in this blog post.


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