Healthy Breakfast For Kids

Anyone who has kids will know, finding the right breakfast to please little ones is not child’s play. Children are by far the toughest critics to please but also the most important. Here’s how to keep your kids happy and healthy with the right breakfast.

Why is breakfast so important for kids?

As they grow, children’s brains and bodies are constantly developing and most of this process takes place during the night when they are in the land of nod. That’s why it’s important for children to eat a healthy breakfast to refuel their bodies and brains when they wake up in the morning. 

Studies also show that kids who eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast perform better academically, have fewer behaviour problems and are more energetic. 

What should be in your kid’s breakfast bowl?

When we say “breakfast”, we mean a healthy one. Rather than sugary cereals and pastries, serve up the following options:

Whole carbs such as whole grain oats or bread and fruit and vegetables are digested quickly and act as energy for the brain - ideal before a long day of learning. 

Protein-rich foods such as eggs, milk, yoghurt and beans will help keep your little ones feeling full until lunch time.

Try to stick to foods that have no added sugar or additives, including artificial colours including “E numbers”. Research has found a possible link between certain artificial colours used in foods, including soft drinks, sweets, cakes and ice cream, and problems with hyperactivity in children. That’s why it’s best to always read the ingredients, steer clear of these and stick to natural and healthy ingredients. 

If you’re struggling to find healthy breakfast options that your kids like, give these recipes a try. They’re full of the necessary nutrients and taste so good, they’re bound to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

Magic Apple Cinnamon Granola

Apple Cinnamon Granola

Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

Blueberry breakfast muffins

Nutty Chocolate Porridge

Nutty chocolate 3Bears porridge

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