Our Top 15 vegan recipes

At 3Bears we value diversity: the variety of our different varieties, but also the variety of ways to prepare porridge. You can enjoy it cold or hot, you can use it to cook hearty meals or even bake them whole.

And you can enjoy all our varieties vegan, because you won't find milk powder or other additives in any of our varieties. You can read more about the different ways of preparing it and about vegetable milk alternatives on our website. Oatmeal is generally very suitable for a vegan diet, as it contains vegetable protein and fibre.

The demand for vegan alternatives to animal foods is growing - but how can a completely animal-free diet be implemented in everyday life?

First and foremost, vegan nutrition means that all foods in whose production animal products are processed are taboo: Fish, meat and seafood, but also products of living animals, i.e. dairy products, eggs, honey & Co.

Meanwhile, there is a plant-based alternative for most products and even traditional supermarkets (in addition to organic or specialist shops) are increasingly better sorted. Meat in different consistencies (also similar to minced meat) can be replaced by soya products or seitan. Milk is available from oats, soy, coconut or almonds, vegan cheese is often made from lupine protein. Instead of honey, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar can be used and agar-agar offers a vegetable alternative to gelatine.

Even if you see yourself as a flexetarian and want to minimize your consumption of animal products, the following vegan recipes are certainly a great source of inspiration for you.

Have fun cooking!

By the way, we are always incredibly happy about feedback on our recipes, your variations and pictures! Leave us a comment, contact us (info@3bears.de) or share your great porridge and baking moments on Instagram and Facebook @3bearsporridge.


 1. Vegan Banana Bread with no added sugar

This delicious bread is naturally vegan, without simple carbohydrates or refined sugar. The use of natural sweeteners (bananas and dates) shows us once again how easy and delicious a balanced diet can be. Go to the recipehere.


 2. Vegan Pancakes with Apple Topping

Do you love them as much as we do? Then this pancake recipe is just right for you! These pancakes get their fabulous taste with all natural ingredients and our delicious 3Bears Porridge variety Cinnamon Apple. You can let your creativity run wild with the toppings, just as you like.

 3. Vegan Apple-Grain-Muffins

These fabulous Apple Oat Muffins with our delicious variety of Cinnamon Apple are perfect for a picnic in the sun or a coffee party with friends. You can also enchant your loved ones at brunch with these pretty little cakes. On top of that they are vegan and low in calories.

4. Vegan Apple-Cinnamon Scones

Vegane Apfel-Zimt Scones

We love it when a cake is particularly fast, uncomplicated and also healthy. In combination with the apple-cinnamon porridge from it is a real explosion of taste! A great snack for in between, especially in springtime for a fresh taste for example at coffee and cake time.

 5. Baked Oatmeal – the Trend from the USA 

Baked Oatmeal mit Banane

Baked Oatmeal – It tastes at least as good as it looks and is completely vegan and without industrial sugar! You can use any of the 3Bears Porridge varieties as a starting point.

 6. Vegan Oat Tartes

Fruestuecks Tartes

Foodie @anna.culina has prepared this enchanting recipe for us. The delicious tarts are a great breakfast, but also a fabulous treat for the coffee break. Try them and enjoy our porridge without added sugar in a different way.

7. Vegan Overnight Oats with Banana

A vegan treat! The Overnight Oats with 3Bears Porridge Poppy Banana are very easy to prepare and in combination with blueberries a wonderful vegan taste magic. A truly beary taste experience!

 8. Spicy Pumpkin Granola

You can also enjoy 3Bears Porridge spicy with this recipe. A fabulously aromatic creation made from various ingredients that quickly turns into a spicy pumpkin crunch in the oven. Snacking is twice as much fun with a clear conscience!

 9. Vegan nut-and-oat bar for athletes

In addition to plenty of exercise and sport, the right diet plays a major role - both go hand in hand. We make ourselves fit with lots of exercise in the fresh air and a good portion of vegetable proteins. Whether before or after training, with these Power-Bars you are guaranteed to clear every hurdle!


10. Healthy and vegan snacks: spicy summer granola

You can also enjoy 3Bears Porridge spicy with this recipe. A fabulously aromatic creation made from various ingredients, which quickly turns into a spicy pumpkin crunch with fresh apricot pieces in the oven. Snacking is twice as much fun in summer with a clear conscience! Because one portion of granola has only 89 calories!

 11. Vegan Coconut Oat Tartelettes

These delicious vegan coconut tartelettes with apple-cinnamon base are perfect for a warm summer day, as they taste super fresh and fruity! But also all year round as a great dessert or surprise on the coffee table


12. Vegan coconut porridge with figs and apricot compote

Whether sun or rain, we always like fruity colours in the porridge bowl!

 13. Vegan pancakes with cinnamon and plum compote

In every season we love a wonderful and warm breakfast. Why not bake tasty pancakes instead of porridge? Between autumnal apples and Christmas cinnamon, these pancakes from @anna.culina find the perfect place on your breakfast or coffee table.

 14. Vegan Tiramisu Overnight Oats with chocolate-almond crunch

Who says you can't eat tiramisu for breakfast? Our guest blogger Sonja has conjured up a recipe for a healthy alternative to the Italian dessert classic with our fabulously delicious new variety of fine cocoa. The ideal pick-me-up - this breakfast is guaranteed to give you an energetic, chocolaty start to your day.


 15. Quinoa-Berry- Bars

Just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a break! For this we have the perfect snack for you! Whether in the office, at university or on your next outdoor tour, this fruity and nutty muesli bar is perfect for your break. With the numerous seeds and kernels you will be full for a long time and enjoy a delicious snack. 3Bears Porridge with Cranberries and Currants tastes so deliciously fruity!

You can prepare and store the bars in no time at all and you are ready for any eventuality. So let's go!


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