We have oriented ourselves to the most commonly used payment methods and based on this, we have chosen the current selection of payment options: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, Amazon Pay and Google Pay.

Shipping conditions:
Delivery is made within Germany (EU) and due to Brexit, shipping costs have increased. Shipping will be charged at 9.90£ per order. Free shipping will apply to orders over 50£. Due to increased costs, this is the lowest amount we can offer at the moment. However, we are continuously looking for ways to reduce this.

Orders placed via www.3bears.co.uk can only be shipped to the UK.

Our Post Bears will not only bring your 3Bears Porridge directly to your front door, but also to your desired packing station.

To ensure that your order reaches your breakfast table as quickly as possible, it would be best if you entered your Packstation and postcode as follows:

Enter name, city and zip code as usual.

Instead of your street and house number, replace this with your Packstation. (Example: Packstation: 123)

With your address supplement you then add your postal number. (Example: Postal number: 123456789)

No. The purchase price displayed at the checkout already includes taxes and duties that may apply to your order shipping to the UK. You should, therefore, not have to pay any additional customs charges.

A maximum order amount of 135£ has also been put in place to avoid any extra charges being added.

Please note: you may be subject to additional charges when attempting to return an item. If you are unhappy with an order, please contact our customer service directly to discuss return options.

Orders usually take around 5-7 working days, however, there may be shipping delays that are outside of our control. If you have been waiting for longer than 10 days for your order to arrive, please contact our customer service.

Yes, you will be able to track your order. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a shipping confirmation email / SMS sent to the contact details provided at checkout, containing a tracking link and tracking number.

Please note: there may be slight delays with tracking updates.

Yes, all orders sent to the UK will still be sent using DHL GoGreen shipment service.